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our process

A Clear Understanding

Before providing a full roadmap, it is important we know exactly who you are. Your end goal, your strengths and weaknesses, and everything in between. 

In this first step, we will take you through our Big Picture and Big 6 Assessments.

3/6/12 Month Roadmap

After a deep analysis of your business, we build a customized 3/6/12 month roadmap to show you a clear strategy to freedom.

We help build YOUR business, not a cookie-cutter group plan.

Done For You:

Now you have clarity of your business, a clear roadmap to freedom, who better to help you execute this plan other than a contractor specific agency?

our mission

The Contractor Consultants brings clarity and accountability to its partners by deeply understanding their current business while guiding them through a detailed and personalized Guide to Freedom.

our values

  • Contractor-specific advice is always the answer.
  • Advice should always be given with respect and from a deep understanding.
  • True growth is achieved with passion & transparency.
  • Wherever you are reading this from, thank a contractor.

Try Before You Buy

We know how hard it can be to tell if we are the “real deal” and we don’t want you to have to risk your hard-earned time or money. With our application process, when you apply and if we think we can help you, it’s because we can. If accepted, we give you the first month as a client completely FREE. This includes our BIG Plan, Customized Roadmap, and Big Six. These are 3 separate meetings, treating you like any other paying client.

You set the goals

we create the plan to get you there.

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Damian Lang - Client Interview

Buckeye Construction - Carrer Video

Toledo Lighthouse - Project Video

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Gain a Deep Understanding Of Your Business, Receive a Personalized Roadmap… and it’s Free?

Our Packages

Our Packages

How we Work

Whether you have a marketing team you would like us to train on the latest cutting edge software, or looking for a team to do it for you - we can do it all!

Coaching Package

Already have marketing team in place?
This is where we work with your current team, train you up on the advanced techniques used in today's market and coach you to success!

Do It With You

This is where a roadmap is crafted specifically to your business, which is then executed with your team on a fortnightly basis. This is ideal for companies that are happy with their current branding materials and ready to commence business development strategies.

Do It For You

Don't have a marketing team? Need the full package? This is where we come in, take the stress off of your shoulders, analyze, rebrand, strategize, and handover. This includes weekly meetings, including software, and graphic design work.

All pricing is based on a personalized 6-month road map.
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Watch our videos on Youtube

Damian Lang - Client Interview

Buckeye Construction - Carrer Video

Toledo Lighthouse - Project Video

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