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Discover the ultimate solution to the skilled labor crisis with our new partnership with Angi. As an Angi Pro, you'll gain exclusive access to our comprehensive 63-module Contractor Hiring Course, the opportunity to Outsource All Your Hiring needs, and only have to show up for final, pre-vetted interviews. But that's not all – when you decide to work with us to revolutionize your entire hiring process, we'll create a free personalized career video for your construction company.

Pro Perk #1



Angi PRO PERK: Get the Premier Course on Combating the Skilled Labor Shortage Completely Free – Exclusively for You! (Valued at $1,995).

What to Expect?


- A Clear Understanding: Why It's Important

Assignment: Analyzing Your Current Team

Assignment: Analyzing Your Current Needs

Assignment: Setting Yourself Up For Success

- Remember We're Here To Help

- Exercise: Would You Work For You

- The Importance Of Building Your Brand

- Exercise: Building Your Brand

- The Power Of Video

Assignment: Make A Career Video

- Mastering Job Descriptions

- Leveraging The Gaps In The Industry

- Guided Brainstorming: Leverage The Gaps In The Industry

- Find Introduction: How To Find Candidates

- How And When To Use Temp Labor

- Temp Labor: Best Practices

- Exercise: Working With Temp Labor

- Working With Recruiters

- Working With Recruiters: Best Practices

- Local Vs. Relocation

- Brainstorming Exercise: Referral Lists 

- Incentives That Actually Work 

- Structured Brainstorming Excercise: Incentives That Actually Work

- The Importance Of Following Up

- Old School Methods: Recruiting Cards

- Old School Methods: Signs & Sponsorships

- Lists, Lists, Lists!

- Introduction To Digital Strategies

- Digital Strategies: Best Practices For Online Job Postings

- Digital Strategies: Using LinkedIn

- Digital Strategies: Using  Craigslist

- Digital Strategies: Using  All Other Job Boards

- Digital Strategies: Strategies For Posting 

- Job Platforms

- Paid Advertising

- Geotargeting

- Social Media Advertising

- Tracking Your Candidates

- The Candidate Roadmap

- The Art Of Sorting

- The Informal Interview

- The Formal Interview

- Measure Twice, Cut Once

Assignment: Skills Assessment

- Making An Offer

- Setting New Hires Up For Success

- Why Retention Is The Most Important

- Culture

- Communication

- The Value Of Culture And Communication

- Communication And Procedures

- Congratulations!

Pro Perk #2

Outsourced Hiring For Contractors

Angi PRO PERK: As an Angi Pro Member You Will Receive a Customized Career Video (valued at $4,995) Absolutely Free When You Choose to Outsource Your Hiring with Us.

In the midst of the current labor crisis, THE CONTRACTOR CONSULTANTS offer a seamless, end-to-end hiring service designed specifically for contractors seeking top talent without the hassle. Our innovative platform streamlines the recruitment process, allowing contractors to focus on their core business while we take care of the rest.

Outsourced Hiring Process

What We Do:


(Essential Hiring Assets)

  • Headline
  • Job Descriptions
  • Recruitment Card
  • Referral Card
  • Imagery
  • Temp Labor Lists
  • Supplier Lists
  • Trade School Lists
  • Career Video
  • Branded Poker Chips
  • Retention Spinning Wheel


  • Organic Job Postings
  • Sponsored Job Postings
  • Resume Review
  • Instant Communication
  • 1st Round Interview
  • Assessments
  • Communications
  • Scheduling Final Interview

Vet and Hire

  • Post Interview Verdict
  • Background Checks
  • Reference Checks
  • New Hire Handover

What You Do:

Show Up To Final & Vetted Interviews.

Stay tuned for more details on getting started, and we're excited to collaborate with Angi in our mission to address the skilled labor shortage!

Together, Guiding Contractors Through the Skilled Labor Challenge.


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